Biden’s DHS Gives Immigrants Yet Another Payday

Giving testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security confirmed on Tuesday that the Biden administration is encouraging illegal immigrants who became temporarily separated from their families to sign on for taxpayer funded relief checks.

Mayorkas said that the government recently launched a website where families who found themselves separated under the former Trump administration can register to receive financial relief. Mayorkas added that the government will continue to work closely with the families and are also working in cooperation with “nation’s of origin” to facilitate fast-lane passports for migrant parents who want to come to the U.S.

The Walls Street Journal broke the news two weeks ago that Biden’s administration is seeking to offer $450,000 checks to every illegal immigrant who files a claim of separation.

The report outlined how the Biden administration is currently offering the money to families that got separated during the Trump administration, and is offering the money on a per-person basis, according to those familiar with the matter. The massive sum of money is meant to compensate for “lasting psychological trauma” caused by the former president’s policies.

According to Health and Human services, Homeland Security, and the U.S. Department of Justice, the payments could average nearly $1 million per family, though the final figures could shift. The majority of illegal families crossing the border were comprised of one parent and one child, according to federal sources.

President Biden dismissed the WSJ’s report as “garbage” when he was questioned about it.

Just three days later, Biden decided to support the idea, saying that the government should provide compensation to lawbreaking illegal immigrants.

Biden blamed the need for payments on the “outrageous… last administration,” criticizing Trump as responsible for the occasional separations of children from their parents after being caught crossing the border illegally. Biden said that the circumstances of the separations were irrelevant and therefore deserve “compensation.”

The reality of the situation isn’t as clear cut, however, since many of the children found during the Trump administration were not accompanied by their true parents but were abducted by those seeking to cross the border and claim asylum with the kidnapped child. On these grounds, the Trump administration’s policy was to weed out cases of potential human trafficking and child abuse.

According to then DHS Secretary Kirsten Nielsen, there was at the time a “314% increase” in situations where aliens fraudulently claimed that the child they brought with them was a family member.

Not only is Biden handing millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to aliens who broke the law as their first act in our country, but he’s also likely enriching many human traffickers at the same time.

Author: Jonathan Green