Biden’s America: A Place Where Sexual Predators Run Free In Our Communities

This is what happens when Democrats are put in charge of the country. A judge in LA County ordered Hannah Tubbs, a California transgender woman, to serve a mere two years for her crimes inside of a juvenile detention facility. But here’s the kicker, this is after the 26-year-old transgender woman plead guilty to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl back in 2014. Before sentencing the molester, the judge harshly criticized the very liberal DA, George Gascon, who refused to prosecute the Tubbs, who is a repeat offender, as an adult.

Tubbs plead guilty to assaulting a girl in the women’s bathroom approximately eight years prior to her conviction when she was a mere two weeks from being 18. When the crime occurred, she went by James Tubbs and was identified as a male. She didn’t start identifying as a female until after she was apprehended and in custody, according to the prosecutors on the case.

Deputy District Attorney for L.A., John Hatami, says that Tubbs is an adult, and George Gascon is pushing a false narrative. There was also more evidence that Tubbs has sexually assaulted two girls in separate incidences in the past, which will leave the children with lifelong trauma. Tubbs also has violent convictions as an adult.

Tubbs walked into a Denny’s bathroom back in 2014, grabbed a 10-year-old girl by the throat, before locking her in a stall and putting her hands down the young girl’s pants. Tubbs stopped her assault when another person came into the restroom.

Because she is now identifying as a female, and because Gascon wouldn’t try her as an adult, Tubbs will be housed with females in a juvenile facility.

Two years is the max sentence for any ‘juvenile’ in the program who is 25+.

The Sheriff’s office in LA County offered to keep Tubbs in the county jail, but the Judge on the case decided he didn’t have authority to issue a housing order for Tubbs, and that his hands were tied.

The judge blames Gascon’s policies when it comes to not transferring Tubbs to adult court.

Tubbs also has a pending assault on a minor case in Kern County, but that case didn’t get prosecuted. Because of the Liberal DA’s policies, Tubbs won’t have to register as a sex offender, be on probation or parole, or spend any time in jail or prison. Talk about liberal justice.

Author: Marie Jones