Biden’s Agents Pump Thousands Of Illegals Straight Into America’s Communities

Americans were horrified to discover that Biden’s Border control released more than 50,000 illegals straight into the United States, without giving any of them a date to show up in court.

Instead, Biden thought it would be best to give the illegals a detailed list of contacts and addresses for ICE offices and facilities all across the country and were told to report to any of them within two months of release.

It may come as a shock, but ICE had very few takers on their suggestions.

Out of the 50,000, only 6,700 who crossed the borders between March and July decided to show up to the ICE facilities as of Monday, July 26. A total of more than 16,000 have completely missed their 60-day window for reporting they were given. To give you an idea of how bad that is, that totals to 2.4 no-shows for every immigrant that does check in.

Another 27,000 immigrants that succeeded in crossing and were released during that time frame have also yet to turn up – but those are still in the 60-day window of reporting.

Of course, no one, well, almost no one is surprised. Biden and the White house gang are, of course, trying to write this off as being totally routine, and claim that everything will just work itself out in the end. What a miracle that will be!

In an official statement released from the White House, team Biden said that they will ‘continue’ to fortify an immigration system that is orderly, fair and just. Ha. Tell that to the millions of Americans suffering under this increasing border crisis.

And what’s happening in the mean time? Well, Biden and his ‘dream-team’ are continuing to release more migrants into the United States. In fact, just since March, more than 55,000 migrants have been released into America’s communities.

And the number keeps growing. Since the beginning of the crisis the number of people crossing has remained steady. The Biden administration says that the mass number of immigrants is ‘seasonal,’ but that seems to be inaccurate since this has been a steady flow since the second he stepped foot in the office.

The truth is, things are looking in. And unless something changes, there are dark days ahead for America and her people.

Author: Robin Thibodeaux