Biden Won’t Be Able To Wash This Young Mothers Blood Off His Hands

As unconstitutional mandates make their way across the country, there’s no doubt that we will be seeing more and more stories just like this, and it’s all because of Biden. A mother of a young family died from complications after receiving the COVID shot, and her family is not going to let her die in vain. Her family says she only received the jab after she was coerced into getting it because of the mandate from the government.

Health officials in Washington State confirmed that the woman who was otherwise healthy died as a result of blood clotting from the COVID vaccine. The officials made this confirmation on Tuesday.

In a public new release, the officials in health said that her death was the first to occur in the State of Washington. They sent their condolences to her loved ones and family, and said that losing loved ones is difficult and tragic, and that this pain has become very familiar in the past 1 ½ of the pandemic.

A report from Western Journal on Wednesday said that Jessica Berg Wilson, who was only 37-years-ol was very reluctant to receive the COVID vaccine, but she did it anyway because of the mandate.

A small portion of her obituary said that she died unexpectedly on the 7 of September from VITT, which stands for Vaccine Induced Thrombocytopenia. It’s a reaction that causes blood clots. Jessica was very healthy and had no health conditions that were underlying. To add even more tragedy to an already sad story, Jessica left behind two daughters, who were just 3 and 5, as well as a loving husband.

Her family says that in the last weeks of her life the government handed down the mandates for the vaccine. That state and local governments stripped away her rights to her freedom and wisdom about her own body. Jessica was opposed to the vaccine because she was young, in good health, and was not at large risk to develop severe illness. To her, an unproven vaccine was more threatening than the deadly Coronavirus. Jessica lost her life because her freedoms were taken away, thanks to a tyrannical government who thinks it can tell citizens what to do about their own health.

Author: Bill Gusher