Biden Uses Tax Dollars To Cover His Foolish Mistake

Huge amounts of taxpayer dollars are being used on hotel stays for illegal aliens who are crossing the southern border in record numbers. The Biden administration is prepared to use $86 million to house about 1200 illegal families in hotels near the border.

Conditions at the border continue to deteriorate. Border control officials and non-profit organizations are being completely overwhelmed by the record numbers of migrants crossing the border in highest scale seen in 20 years. Projected estimates for the year 2021 are in the range of 2 million people.

There isn’t enough housing to place asylum seekers in, nor enough space to detain illegals. In response, contracts have been arranged by the Biden administration to provide long term housing for some migrants.

The surge in migrant activity is timed exactly with the change in administration, as records of migrants attempting to cross the border doubled in first months of 2021.

Biden is using the money of the American taxpayer to solve the problem he caused, and this is probably just the beginning.

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