Biden Turned His Back On America’s Police — Now They’re Returning The Favor

Biden got the surprise of a lifetime while he was out visiting Texas back in October of last year, when officials from the police force refused to escort his campaign bus, which was absolutely surrounded by MAGA Americans. A lawsuit addressing the incident is currently ongoing.

The police in San Marcos allegedly laughed privately about the incident and joked about the distress of the ‘victims’ in various law enforcement recordings, the suit alleges.

The lawsuit, which is now federal, was amended on Friday with a number of 911 recording transcriptions.

Video from the October 30th incident show a large group of trucks and cars flying Trump and MAGA 2020 flags that are driving right beside Biden’s campaign bus on the highway, and boxing in the bus at various points. A traffic incident occurred, though it was minor, where a Trump-touting truck hit a white SUV that was riding with the Biden bus, but both cars continued to move during and after the incident.

A police corporal from San Marcos was on duty when the incident occurred, Mathew Daenzer, and he refused to give Biden’s campaign bus an escort after another police jurisdiction urged them not to, the transcript alleges.

A dispatcher told Daenzer that the Biden bus was being trapped by aggressive Trump supporters that were making them slow down to around 20-30mph. Daenzer laughed about the incident and said they would not be responding to hit. He said they were willingto ‘close patrol’ but had not intentions of escorting the Bidne bus.

The dispatcher went on to explain that Biden’s team was upset and breathing hard to which Daenzer responded that they just needed to drive defensively.

The dispatcher then told the Biden staff that they would not be escorted, and asked them to call back if they feel like their life is at risk.

The Biden staffer was obviously upset, and said that their life was threated multiple times, and asked again for someone to escort them.

The dispatcher told her they would be monitoring for any traffic infractions, but that an escort wasn’t possible.

The lawsuit now says the plaintiffs suffered from emotional and psychological injury, and are seeking compensation. The lawsuit is currently pending, but Police are not going to let Biden get away with it. It just goes to show you America voted in a bunch of sissies, and that they’re police hatred started long before Biden took office.

Author: Jan Orr