Biden Throws a Tantrum After Learning What The #1 Song On iTunes Is

‘Let’s go Brandon’ has been breaking the internet since the day it happened. It was a takedown on President Biden like never before and now, a rap version of the beloved video has found itself sitting on the high perch of iTune’s #1 on the hip-hop chart.

It was inspired the trend that’s been sweeping the nation called ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ after an NBC reporter of sports, Kelli Stavast, interviewed a driver for NASCAR, Brandon Brown after he reigned victorious at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama at an earlier time this month.

Watch the original here:

The crowd is heard in the background of the interview screaming ‘Fuck Joe Biden’ but Stavast says he misheard it as ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’

Stavast said she could hear the crowd changing “Let’s Go, Brandon!” even though it was clearly a message to the President of the United State.

The outlandish exchange broke the internet and instantly went viral across numerous social media platforms. Many speculate that the reporter intentionally tried to cover up the chanting of the crowd to cover up what was really going on at the speedway.

Since that moment, the phrase has become a whipping tool used by Biden’s opponents, it’s not on merchandise all around the nation. It’s even being chated at various sporting events. During the Super DIRT Week at NAPA’s Oswego Speedway, a child even helped kick the event off by screaming, “Let’s go Brandon!” into the microphone.

But now, there’s a hip-hop version of the chant that’s taking over the charts on iTunes. It’s performed by the rapper Loza Alexander and the name of the son is “Let’s Go Brandon.” It made its way as a viral song on TikTok before it joined the iTune’s lineup and made its way to the number one slot.

It’s been some time since the chant made its way onto television and subsequently, the internet, but NBC and Stavast have made no comments about the event. Mainstream and Liberal media drones have done their best to protect President Biden from the opinion of the public, painting the story as a smooth move by a reporter to coverup a profane chant and protect the ailing president from public opinions.

Here’s a video of the popular song

Author: Gerald Nichols