Biden Thought ‘Build Back Better’ Was Finally Real But His Dreams Came Crumbling Down

One of the mainstays of Biden’s political agenda, the lynchpin both holding Democrats together and splitting them apart, is resting solely in the hands of a few key lawmakers. For Democrat President Joe Biden, these lawmakers are troublesome and underwhelming in their support for his much anticipated “Build Back Better Framework.”

On Monday Sen. Joe Manchin – the largest obstacle to Biden’s agenda – told his party to pump the brakes on the massive multi-trillion dollar spending bill that does nothing for America’s betterment. If passed, Biden’s bill would be the most radical, expensive, consequential piece of legislation in U.S. history – even topping Lyndon B. Johnsons “Great Society” programs.

The West Virginia Democrat refused to back the bill, saying that it needs far more work before it gets any support from moderate Democrats. Manchin promised good will, claiming to be “open” to show support for the bill, depending on its details.

Manchin’s announcement is a threat to the forthcoming vote on the reconciliation in the House, meant to be accompanied by a second vote on the $1.2 trillion “bipartisan” infrastructure bill that Biden is itching to sign into law.

During a press conference, Manchin outlined his concerns and opposition to Biden’s “Build Back Better’ farce, Manchin accused his own party of playing “shell games” with the bill.

Democratic negotiators chopped down the bill’s total cost by reducing time frames for certain programs. The child tax credit, for example, will expire after one year rather than perpetuating forever.

Manchin highlighted the current debt crisis facing the U.S., which clocks in at an eye-popping $29 trillion. He said leaders within his own party willfully “ignore” the debt dilemma and the skyrocketing inflation that comes along with it.

Biden’s biggest headache expressed serious concern over the expansive welfare spending strewn throughout the bill as more vital programs like Social Security and Medicare face total bankruptcy.

Manchin said he couldn’t decide whether to vote in favor of the bill until the complete text of the measure is written. In the meantime, he demanded that Democrats pass the infrastructure bill which the Senate cleared with bipartisan support last summer.

Manchin also sent a warning to Socialist Democrats whose plan is to tether Biden’s entire agenda until Senate agrees to pass both a physical infrastructure bill immediately followed by the larger, social welfare spending bill through reconciliation.

While many conservatives are lauding Manchin for the ease in which he’s destroyed Biden’s entire political agenda, it appears that the West Virginia Democrat is signaling his willingness to give in under certain circumstances. His concerns are not for America’s future if the bill were allowed to pass, but what will get him in least trouble with his conservative constituency.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth