Biden Tells a Lie That Will Cost Him 2022 — And 2024

As the global supply chain issues loom and mount, people around the nation are looking to the President of the United States for answers to the mounting crisis… but they won’t find them. Biden gave everyone a pathetic attempt at a solution by coming up with a new plan…. That’s already in place. He says truck drivers should start working at night. Which they already do.

Biden said during a news conference yesterday that his plan would mean an increase in hours for the truck drivers to get cargo off the ships and onto freight truck and railroad cars to get to where they need to go. And he says that even more than that, he thinks the night hours are absolutely critical for getting goods where they need to go faster because there’s less traffic at night and things are less crowded.

The CEO and President of the Owner-Operator Association of Independent Drives, Todd Spencer, did not have very kind words in response to Biden’s remarks.

He says that truckers have already been working day and night to keep everyone in the country safe and keep production moving throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. They’ve been working round-the-clock already and are restricted most often by factors that are beyond their control. Thinks like excess detention time and a lack of safe and available places to park their trucks while on the road.

He then blasted Biden for trying to make the solution seem easier than it really is just to save face.

Spencer says the problems need to be addressed instead of swept to the side if the Biden administration has any hope of changing what’s going on with the supply chain. He says that most of what everyone is seeing and what’s going on is not a surprise to those in the industry who are constantly plagued with the dysfunctional supply chain and have been for decades. He says it’s not a realistic expectation for Biden to think things will suddenly work efficiently on a 24/7 cycle when drivers aren’t even being paid fully for their time and efforts.

Biden also lied saying that LA Port and Long Beach Port, which have about 40% of the US shipping containers, are now operating on a 24/7 basis, which is untrue. Biden is doing his typical politician thing where he makes things sound better than they are and hopes for the best. But it’s all a big fat lie and it’s going to cost him in 2022 and 2024.

Author: Brandy Headrick