Biden Takes a Nap (Literally) During One Of The Most Important Meetings In History

This last week was quite probably the worst week of President Joe Biden’s Presidency. Besides the fact that every decision he’s made has turned into a painstaking disaster, it’s also painfully obvious that the lights are on and no one is home these last few days. Just look at how Biden handled his meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett. If you look closely, one can see that Biden is actually sleeping during his meeting, or at least dozing off.

What’s worse, is that the Prime Minister is well aware that Biden wasn’t paying him any attention, as Tammy Bruce pointed out. As he was speaking he kept looking towards the cat-napping president, and then would quickly look off into another direction. I mean, of course he did. That’s what you do when you’re awkwardly talking to someone who isn’t paying attention or isn’t even fully conscious while you’re trying to discuss some of the most important recent events going on in the world right now.

Democrats, of course, are trying to defend the failing president. They tried to say that he didn’t look too sleepy because when the Prime Minister asked him a question, he immediately responded. But the truth is you can see that Biden was jolted awake and taken by surprise when he realized his surroundings. That’s got to be embarrassing. It’s like a bad dream, but it’s real… and it’s our President.

It’s not just embarrassing, either, it’s straight up disgraceful. Israel is on of America’s greatest allies, and it’s an abhorrent insult to treat one of our allies this way. What if Biden had acted like this when he was meeting with one of the enemies of the United States? Like when he was meeting with China, Russia, North Korea of Iran. Just imagine it…. Or don’t. Because it’s too terrifying to even fathom.

In comparison, former President Trump had a completely different experience when meeting with the previous Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu as well as with the other Arab states. Trump did what many thought was impossible, establishing a peace deal between Israel and her neighbors. The lesson here is that if Democrats hadn’t fraudulently elected Joe Biden, none of us would be in this mess.

Author: Frank Smith