Biden Sweating As The Durham Probe Reaches The White House

Back in September of this year, John Durham, Special Counsel, announced that the Clinton attorney for her campaign, Michael Sussman, got an indictment form a grand jury after he lied to the FBI.

The Department of Justice says that the indictment charge comes from allegations that Sussman brought to the Federal Bureau of Investigation when he said there was a secret communications channel between Trump and his organization as well as a bank is Russian. According to the indictment, Sussman, who was a lawyer at a very large international firm of law, came to the FBI in September of 2016 to meet with the General Counsel for the FBI at their Headquarters located in Washington, D.C.

Sussman was the one who requested the meeting with the FBI to give General Counsel a number of files with data and ‘white papers’ that supposedly proved that Trump and his Organization had a covert channel of communications with a bank based in Russia.

Sussman previously was the representative for the DNC, Democratic National Committee, in connection to a cyber-attack. He told the General Counsel of the FBI in a false statement that he was bringing this information and allegation to the FBI on his own, and not on the behalf of any of his clients.

His false self-representation led the FBI to believe this information was being provided by a good citizen, and not by a political operative or paid advocate. But it’s now known that Sussman conveyed and assembled the allegation on the behalf of two of his clients, at least, to include the Clinton Campaign and a technology executive in the U.S.

The indictment from the DOJ says that back in July of 2016, Sussman worked with this tech executive, cyber researchers and other investigative firms to assemble the papers and data that Sussman brought to the FBI. It further states that the researchers were given the task of mining internet data that would establish a narrative to tie Donald Trump, who was a Presidential candidate at the time, to Russia. The executive wanted this done to please some certain ‘VIPS.’ The indictment also states that Sussman, his firm and the tech exec were colluding with Clinton Campaign agents and representatives in these efforts.

Author: Brandy Jukes