Biden Supplies Terrorists With All The Fire Power They Need To Bring Us Down

We could probably give you a 100-page list of all the mistakes that Biden has made during his presidency, but this has to be one of the dumbest things that any president has ever decided to do while in office. Biden and his joke of an administration have just approved a massive sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. Why? Because they have on ongoing war by proxy with Iranian-backed rebels that are located all the way in Yemen.

So, just what are these potential terrorists getting? The State Department just approved, on Thursday, sales of more than 280 missiles of the air-to-air class. The shipment will be sent out to Riyadh and the cost will be somewhere around $650 million. If you’re wondering, no, that will not make any significant dent in the amount of debt Biden and his administration have put the United States in since he took office last year.

Officials in Saudi Arabia claim that these weapons will be used to aid in the protection of the kingdom from attacks that come from drones by rebels in Houthi, but we shall see.

A Spokesperson from the state department tried his best to assure Americans that this sale of weapons is totally consistent with the Biden administration’s pledge to help put an end to the conflict that’s been ongoing in Yemen, and to lead with unwavering diplomacy while doing their best to give Saudi Arabia the means and capability to defend themselves from attacks from the Houthi rebels through the air. This new sale to Saudi Arabia comes on the heels of a massive increase in attacks that are cross-border in nature over the last year against Saudi Arabia.

The group that’s based in Yemen has been known to, in the past, target oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, as well as to target infrastructure where civilians are located.

The Biden Administration’s decision to do this is in direct conflict of Presidents of the past who have tried their best to block sales of arms to Saudi’s, especially while under the 45th Presidency, which was President Donald Trump, who believed arming the Saudi’s was a security risk for America.

Author: Jeremy Hai