Biden Sued For Execution Of An Officer [Graphic Video]

Biden’s flip-flopping policies at the border are not just annoying, they are deadly. Violence, drugs and human trafficking are on the rise like never before. It’s like a Cartel Christmas down there.

But one violent episode stands above the rest. The execution of an unexpecting police officer that could have been avoided completely.

The officer stopped a white pickup in New Mexico before the driver stepped out, fired off multiple rounds with an AR-15 type rifle and hit the officer, killing him.

Officer Darion Jarrot, the murdered agent, was asked by Biden’s DHS to stop the vehicle, but wasn’t given any information about who was inside. It’s the duty of DHS to prepare an officer with information about the suspect they are dealing with. Had Officer Jarrot known about the man’s extensive violent history with the Cartel, he wouldn’t have walked up to the car the way he did.

But Jarrot’s widow isn’t going to let her husband die in vain. She, along with her newly-hired attorney, are on a mission to take down Biden and his dangerous policies by blasting him with a tell-all lawsuit. Biden will be made to pay for his carelessness. Hopefully Jarrot’s sacrifice will save another life in the future.

You can watch the video below, but be warned, it’s very graphic.

Author: Wanda Linskey

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