Biden Slips His Future Plans: Desperately Tries To Take It Back

Joe Biden is the oldest president in the history of the United States. Perhaps he should consider himself lucky to be taking on such an enormous task at such an advanced age. But during his much awaited first solo press conference, the 78 year old president said that his “plan is to run for re-election” in the upcoming 2024 campaign.

By the time of the 2024 general election, Biden will be just weeks short of 82 years old.

However, Biden backtracked his remark when a different reporter suggested to him that he had made big news by suggesting re-election. Biden immediately clarified that he was only expressing an “expectation.”

Reporters continued to press him for comment on re-election, which he pushed back on. Expressing frustration with the reporters, he told them, “I’ve never ben able to plan… three and a half years ahead.. for certain.”

When asked about whether he would retain Kamala Harris as a 2024 running mate he affirmed and added that, “She’s doing a great job.”

During the media event, Biden largely focused on his administrative priorities, infrastructure goals, voting rights for immigrants, back-patting about his administrations COVID-19 management and so on. He did not address the migrant crisis at the border other than suggesting that it was being managed.

Author: Drake Hill

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