Biden Sends Cuban Refugees To Their Doom

This week, the Biden administration repatriated 27 Cubans who were seeking refuge from their country’s oppressive communist government while at the same time turning a blind eye to the tens of thousands of illegal migrants who flow through the Southern border into the United States without even being issued court dates.

The U.S. Coast Guard reported in a news release that their crews returned 27 Cuban refugees to their home country who had arrived near Florida’s coastline.

The refugees were found in two separate cases, with the first being spotted near Key West, Florida, a vessel 21 feet in length carrying 22 occupants. The second interception was a makeshift raft that contained 5 people who were near Islamorada.

The agency noted that all migrants were found to be in good health and were processed on a Coast Guard Cutter vessel before being returned to Cuba.

Captain Adam Chamie, Coast Guard Commander for the Key West Sector said in a statement that the voyage between Florida and Cuba is dangerous, particularly on such “unsafe vessels,” and asked “mariners to report” sightings of such voyages in order to “prevent loss of life.”

The warning from Chamie echoes a similar warning issued earlier this month by the formerly-Cuban Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Mayorkas sternly warned that seafaring migrants from Cuba would be denied entrance into the United States, despite the legitimate plight of Cuban refugees who are escaping death and torture as pro-democracy protests take place against Cuba’s communist dictatorship.

Mayorkas said that if refugee’s could prove “well founded fear” regarding torture or persecution then they would be relocated to “third countries,” but would not be permitted into the United States.

Earlier in the month, the island nation saw a spontaneous and massive uprising as thousands of protesting Cubans filled the streets and demanded freedom. The Cuban government responded with violent acts against demonstrators and also shut down cellular and internet services so as to prevent the spread of information about their misdeeds.

It might be assumed that protecting individuals who are fleeing an oppressive government and promoting democracy would fit perfectly in line with America’s interests. But instead the Biden administration has decided to take a strong stance against the pro-democracy protesters, even while they simultaneously allow record numbers of migrants to enter the country through the Mexican border.

It was reported this week that the number of migrants sent into the United States without a court date has reached 50,000.

Author: Courtney Hughes