Biden Seeks Revenge On “Let’s Go Brandon” Perpetrators

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about “Let’s go Brandon.” It’s a meme that’s been breaking the internet and making rounds in almost every household in America. The background of the meme involves a reporter at a NACAR event, who either isn’t able to hear what the crowd is chanting or is doing her best to smooth things out on camera as the wild fans scream an obscene phrase about the current president – “F*** Joe Biden!”

That that’s how “let’s go Brandon” came to be. It’s a kid-friendly way to say just how much you hate the incompetent and malicious President whose policies have led to crushing failures all around the nation in the past year. Let’s Go Brandon is now an iTunes song at the top of the charts, and a testament to just how volatile the current political situation is right now.

Apparently, though, someone must have called the government in Canada because they are now vowing retribution to any employees that are caught using the phrase, not just in spaces that are public, but even between private party correspondence. The government will apparently be monitoring and making note of these violation.

I guess making fun of President Biden is the one thing that makes it okay for the government to spy on your and take away rights to free speech.

The memo that went out to all of the federal employees says that monitoring of personal correspondence must take place to ensure that people aren’t sharing memes that would hurt the US President’s oh-so-sensitive feelings. The memo does its best to make t his seem as thought it is a general rule, but they explicitly mention “let’s go Brandon,” so that makes it clear what the real message of the memo is.

Did Biden push for this? Or maybe one of his representatives? It’s hard to know for sure, but if we were betting people…. We’d say yes. Even if Canada is just acting on its own limb, this is the kind of thing that always backfires. No one even knew that government officials in Canada were attaching memes of Let’s Go Brandon to their emails until they released the memo. Now it’s viral, and it’s drawing even more attention to Biden’s failures and the fact that people everywhere are mocking him.

It’s also pretty pathetic that a President would need to be shielded from the public in this way, whether it’s indirectly or directly. It’s better to just laugh it off than start banning insults to protect your feelings. One thing’s for sure, Biden comes off as weak to everyone, even in Canada.

Author: Lizzy Williamson