Biden Refuses To Fix This Major National Security Breach

On Monday, Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas announced that his state would take up the expensive and painstaking work of building the border wall that Democrat President Joe Biden refuses to complete. The need for the wall was shown yet again this week after U.S. Border Patrol announced that they had apprehended “Yemeni subjects of interest” in Arizona with “potential terrorist” links that had traveled into the U.S. through the unenforced Mexican border. Despite the continued threat of terrorist arriving in the country via the southern border, Biden’s handlers refuse to acknowledge the evidence that it poses a national security issue.

According to a Fox News report, a 21 year old man from Saudi Arabia was arrested last week wearing a “Central Oneida County Volunteer” jacket, and was found to be connected with multiple Yemini terrorists.

Central Oneida County is located in New York, and the Thomas Meyers, the Oneida County Volunteer Corps Chief confirmed that the apprehended Saudi was not a member of the organization. It remains unclear how he obtained the jacket.

In October, Republican Representative John Katko (NY) warned the House Homeland Security Committee that “known or suspected terrorists are crossing the border ‘at a level we have never seen before.’”

The counterterrorism coordinator for DHS, John Cohen, denied the claim, saying that it was “factually inaccurate” to suggest that foreign terrorists are able to access America through the southern border, though he admitted at the same time that there was a “low” number of terrorists that were able to escape Border Patrol by that route. He use the term “low” in “comparison to people… seeking to travel to the United States through… aviation infrastructure.”

Despite Biden’s cabinet member’s claims, Rodney Scott, the former chief of Border Patrol who retired last August released a video where he warned an audience of agents that America is facing a dire “national security crisis… across the southwest border” and highlighted that fact that the Terrorist Screening Database was finding hits “at a level we have never seen before.”

The Biden Administration is trying to keep such incidents covered up, with the President’s office shutting down Customs and Border Protection’s website after the agency announced that they had brought tow Yemeni men into custody who were flagged on the terrorism watch list. Clearly, the Biden Administration is trying to keep a lid on the fact that their pro-immigration policies, damaging in and of themselves, also constitute a major national security threat.

Author: Todd Jenkins