Biden Realizes He’s In Over His Head, Secretly Follows Trump’s Guidance

Once again, Biden’s policies have proved to be a total flop, and he’s now being forced to resort to Trump’s wisdom and guidance to fix the mess he’s gotten himself into.

Despite the fact that Biden has previously called it inhumane, he is now ready to restart Trump’s policy on immigration that he campaigned for and executed during his time in office as President. Biden continues to struggle with the crisis that is still going on at the border to the south, despite the mainstream media’s attempts to keep it quiet.

Biden made a deal with Mexican government officials this week and is officially relaunching the Remain in Mexico policy that Trump put into place while he was in office.

The program is officially called the Migrant Protection Protocols. Trump put the policy in place back in 2019. It requires all migrants that are seeking asylum in American to remain in Mexico while the U.S. hears and makes a ruling on their case. Trump created the program to help prevent migrants from disappearing into the U.S. before they saw their day in court, which leads to less deportations later on and increased efficiency.

When Biden was campaigning for Presidency, he was viciously against the policy, saying that it was humane because of the increased risks the migrants experience while staying in war-torn Mexico. Biden immediately dismantled the policy when he took office back in January, in addition to many other immigration policies that Trump put in place.

Back in October, a federal court made the ruling that Biden’s termination was illegal, and he was forced to begin again.

DHS released a statement that said their re-implementation of the policy was in direct response to the court order, and that they are making changes to help address the humanitarian concerns that the Mexico government and U.S. government have about the policy. These changes include a guarantee that court cases will be heard within six months of the asylum claim, and that all of the migrants will have legal representation.

Biden is now being force to move forward with a policy he hates, but it’s more important that ever. Especially as thousand of migrants cross the border each day bringing crime, disease and drugs.

Author: Jerry Malick