Biden Quietly Adopts Trump’s Superior Policies

After years of moaning and bellyaching about Trump’s southern border wall, the Biden administration is now quietly resuming construction. Apparently Biden has come around to Trump’s way of thinking while experiencing the worst border crisis in recent history.

Biden will allow a stretch of former President Trump’s wall to be completed in Texas, following a 3 month freeze on all border related projects.

The border fence to be completed is located in the Rio Grande Valley. The Army Corps of Engineers said on Wednesday that the decision to complete the barrier construction was a result of pressure from local politicians and residents.

When construction of the wall was halted in January, drainage concerns were preeminent in resident’s minds. The concrete lower half of the wall served as a levee to keep floodwater from the Rio Grande River from traveling North into residential territory. Gaps left in the partially complete construction left residents vulnerable to flooding.

Progress of the wall construction has historically been slower compared with other regions. Southeast Texas is the only section of the wall that doubles as a levee system. Government planners took a long time to decide on a design that could perform both tasks well. The section of wall is set back a full mile from the river because the project could not be constructed on top of the marshy ground near the water.

Border construction projects quietly resume piece-meal style in all four states along the southern border while the Biden administration seeks to distance itself from from Trump’s prudent policies.

Author: Karen White

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