Biden Publicly Humiliated For Pushing This Climate Lie

Joe Bastardi, a Meteorologist, shot down Democrat President Joe Biden’s theory of climate change for the devastating tornado outbreak that affected multiple states last weekend.

Last weekend, Biden was asked whether or not he believed that climate change was a factor in the formation of the deadly tornadoes. Biden agreed, saying that the storm’s intensity was probably driven by climate change, though he confessed that he couldn’t confirm that it was true for the particular storms that happened last weekend.

Biden said that he would set the Environmental Protection Agency to investigate the matter, but for now he said, it’s safe to assume that “everything is more intense” because of global warming.

Deanne Criswell, Administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency said that extreme weather is part of a “new normal” that reflects the “crisis of our generation.”

Famed meteorologist Bastardi debunked the mainstream Left’s nonsense, slamming Biden for weaponizing the tornadoes to push his agenda. He noted that 2021 has been on track for milder weather compared to previous ones. Specifically, violent tornadoes have not been increasing over time and 2021 was a “near-record low” for a combination of tornadoes, hail, and wind.

Data used by Bastardi included information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that directly contradicts Biden and Criswell’s claims that climate change is causing more intense weather.

Data isn’t relevant to climate change hawks who love to exploit specific weather events in order to promote their narrow narrative about the climate. But climate, by its definition, is described as weather patterns over time, not isolated events.

Therefore, if climate change were actually driving more intense weather, then the data would be reflected over a substantial amount of time. However, according to Roger Pielke Jr. of Colorado University, the U.S. government’s own data demonstrates that tornadoes are currently becoming less frequent in the country.

Pielke also points out that natural disaster are always an interplay of social and climate factors. Nobody calls it a disaster if a tornado whips through no-mans-land, it’s only an issue if it impacts a significant number of people, and nobody calls out climate change when a record-setting tornado that touches nobody occurs.

Geographer Gilbert White writes the following in summation of this fact: “Floods are ‘acts of God’ but flood losses are largely acts of man.”

Author: Raymond Mason