Biden Publicly Humiliated As Another Judge Rejects His Agenda

President Biden’s unconstitutional mandates just took another major hit, this time coming from a federal judge all the way down in Louisiana. The judge issued a preliminary injunction nationwide again Biden and his vaccine mandate that requires all workers in health care to be vaccinated.

Terry A. Doughty is a judge in the Louisiana Western District for the U.S. District court, and he ruled favorably for a request from GOP Attorney General of Louisiana, Jeff Landry, to block the emergency regulation that was issued on the 4th of November by Medicaid and Medicare Services, which requires that workers be vaccinated in all facilities that receive funding for Medicare or Medicaid. This includes workers that are full-time or part-time, as well as contractors and volunteers at these facilities.

Thirteen other attorney generals from other states joined Louisiana in the lawsuit.

The judge said that his ruling is based on the fact that Biden and his administration don’t have authority to bypass congress and the constitution to issue a mandate like this.

The judge says that if Biden’s executive branch was allowed to overpower the legislative branch of government to make laws, then 2 of 3 constitutional powers would be in the executive branch’s hands. He says that if history and human nature teach us anything, it’s that there are grave risks when a government overcomes civil liberties by claiming states of emergency indefinitely.

The judge said that it is more important than ever to safeguard liberties and power separations in the government, especially during this pandemic.

The judge acknowledged, however, that the case will in the end be decided on by a much higher court than his. He said that is was still important to maintain the status quo though, and that in interest of the liberties of people who aren’t vaccinate, this case requires nothing less.

Doughtry isn’t the first judge to come to this conclusion, either. Matthew Schelp, another District Judge, came to the same conclusion. Biden can’t force people to get vaccinated. It’s unconstitutional and takes away the liberties that America was founded upon. Democrats really need to read up on history, and see why this is so important.

Author: Michael Skarn