Biden Promises Illegals Massive Payouts Because ‘Trump Was Mean To Them’

While Americans scramble to feed their families and fill their cars up each day, President Joe Biden has decided that it is appropriate to give illegals more than most Americans make in 10 years’ time. Biden and his administration are apparently negotiating a $450k ‘bonus’ to all illegals that were separated from their families under Trump’s administration by his zero-tolerance policy that he implemented in 2018.

The U.S. DOJ, HHS, and Homeland Security are considering the payments that will likely amount to be around $1 million per family, but the final numbers could be more or less. Most families that came over the border from Mexico illegally to seek America’s asylum had at least one parent and child.

The report also says that many of the family will probably get payouts that are smaller, it just depends on the circumstances, but the total payout is likely to be over $1 billion. This is right on the heels of Biden’s administration working to resolve over a thousand lawsuits that these families have filed.

The ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, says there are thousands of people that were separated from their families because of tis policy.

The report also stated that the discussions about these payouts have been contentious over the last few months. They are taking place between lawyers of private families and the government’s lawyers. The government lawyers think the payouts are excess since the people did in fact break the law by coming over the border. One government lawyer even threatened to leave the case over disagreements about the settlement.

The Former DHS Secretary, Mr. Chad Wolf, says that the Biden Administration doesn’t seem to have any limits on what they’re willing to do to implement policies that damage our security at the border and our immigration practices. He says that this move by Biden is probably at the top of his list as most damaging.

This move by Biden is right on the heels of the border crisis explosion in the United States. CBP, the Customer and Border Protection in the U.S. just reported that there have been over 1.66 million illegal alien arrest for the 2021 Fiscal Year.

Author: Maxwell Smith