Biden Plans To Deplete Oil Reserves After Destroying U.S. Energy Independence

Quickly realizing his party is destined for failure at the polls in November, Joe Biden is doing anything he can to quell voters’ concerns over skyrocketing oil prices.

Did Biden announce a return to Trump-era oil and gas policies which removed red tape and encouraged America’s energy independence?

Oh no.

Instead, the cognitively deficient president announced he will deplete America’s oil reserve in an effort to stabilize supply and demand. He’s hoping an injection of new oil into the economy will stabilize prices at the pump and therefore convince voters to support Democrats in November.

On Thursday, Biden attempted to frame himself as a wartime president when he announced the historic depletion of America’s oil reserves. He framed the decision as a “wartime bridge” to address skyrocketing gas prices.

During his announcement, Biden said that oil companies will begin ramping up production in the fall which will significantly bring down prices for American consumers. This is a shocking admission since up until now, the Biden administration has placed the blame for high gas prices solely on oil companies; they’ve never once acknowledged an issue with supply until the war in Ukraine.

Not until Putin invaded Ukraine causing Biden to cut off Russian oil imports did the White House have a proper patsy to blame for America’s oil supply issues. However, everyone knows America’s supply issues come as a direct result of Biden’s energy policies; a lack of Russian oil merely perpetuates the problem.

Thursday’s announcement includes the phased release of 180 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and calling on Congress to pass legislation penalizing oil and gas companies sitting on dormant oil wells or untapped federal permits.

Furthermore, Biden is invoking the Defense Production Act to boost domestic procurement of critical minerals used in electric car batteries and other high-tech commercial goods.

In other words, the federal government is weaponizing its corporate power to force private companies into producing materials that will be used in electric vehicles.

If that isn’t fascism, then what is?

A government demanding the private sector to produce goods solely to fulfill their political agenda is a dangerous precedent to set. We should all be very concerned.

Author: Vasily Ivanov