Biden Orders “New Flag” To Be Flown at U.S. Embassy

May 25 marked the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, and the State Department declared that U.S. international embassies as well as other diplomatic posts should fly BLM flags and promote BLM messaging. They authorized the use of BLM flags throughout the year as well.

In compliance with the directive, embassies in Bosnia, Cambodia, Greece, and Spain all flew BLM flags.

The fact that our government would internationally promote a movement which killed and injured hundreds of people and destroyed millions of dollars worth of property is an outrage. The BLM movement is not a civil rights group, they are domestic terrorists hellbent on literally burning our nation to the ground, their leader is an openly anti-American Marxist. To not just be complicit with the group but to actively promote it on the world stage is an outright embarrassment.

In the following video, the Marxist co-founder of BLM Patrisse Cullors criticizes the Confederate flag, but also uses that as a jumping off point to attack the American flag. She calls the American flag “a symbol of lots of hate,” and says that she refuses to stand by it.

This is who the Biden regime decided to honor with their display, the very people that despise America most and want to see it dismantled. People who actively spread lies, such as a popular myth that a black person is killed every 28 hours by law enforcement, a claim that Politifact debunked as entirely deceptive.

Parents of black victims such as Breonna Taylor have even criticized BLM’s leaders. Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, called the organization a “fraud” and said that they “never done a d*** thing for us.”

I’ll tell you about a flag that BLM seems to care about most, it can be found in the middle of the BLM flag display located at the renamed square, it’s titled “We accept MasterCard and Visa”

Author: June Swanson

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