Biden Orders Agents To Physically Stop GOP Delegation

Republican lawmakers were halted from accessing the Drug Enforcement Administration facility at the southern border in El Paso, Texas last Tuesday on Biden’s orders.

A GOP delegation of 12 members of congress were physically prevented from entry into the El Paso Intelligence Center while visiting the southern border. The delegation has reportedly been seeking access to the facility for a matter of weeks, but the Biden administration continues to block them.

Lawmakers point out that Biden is actively interfering with their “constitutional duty” to oversee the taxpayer funded facilities.

Representative Brian Babin (R-TX) said that he isn’t sure what the Biden administration is hiding, but that “for some reason, [we’re] not allowed in.” He adds that he “can only imagine” what must be going on that must be hidden from “representatives of the American people” who are supposed have “oversight over this facility.”

Representative Mike Garcia (R-CA) added that the visit was not a surprise inspection, he explained that they had “been trying to get in. . . for a couple of weeks,” and that resistance is “coming from the top. . the White House.” He says that without being able to oversee the information in the building, they can only make “a conjecture” about what’s being hidden. He says that his personal opinion is that the border situation is probably “more serious than the average [person] understands right now.”

A third lawmaker, Representative Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) said that Biden is blocking Republicans from learning about the government’s current state of effectiveness in the battle against drug cartels. She says that she would like to know more about how the cartels are behaving and what “strategy” is currently in place to stop them, however, she laments that “we were denied the opportunity.”

A DEA official, Kyle Williamson, claimed that there was in fact an increase in drug trafficking activity that is only continuing to escalate. He reports that in the first five months of 2021, more drugs have been seized than the total figures for both 2019 and 2020 combined. He called the problem “concerning” and cited that the drugs crossing are typically “[meth], fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine.” Surprisingly, he reported that they haven’t “seized quite that much” marijuana.

Author: Jim Ward

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