Biden Moves Hard And Fast To Secure The Border… Wait, Which Border?

While Biden is glaringly unconcerned with the southern border or the massive influx of refugees, he is currently assistant Tajikistan office secure some of their border that meets with Afghanistan to help keep security threats at bay in the region after the United State withdrew troops from Kabul completely on Monday.

The United States Embassy, located in Dushanbe just launched the project that will construct brand new facilities next to the Tajik-Afghan-Uzbek border for the border service and detachment. This will allow Tajikistan’s troops at the border to respond more quickly to threats that may appear in the region, according a press release that was put out on Wednesday.

Tajikistan enjoys a strong cooperation for security with the United States, and this project is just an example of our commitment to the sovereignty and security of central Asia, at least according to one of the U.S. Ambassadors, John Pommersheim.

The project will break ground at the start of 2022. When the project is complete, the new facilities will help house Tajikistan’s troops at the border, as well as their family members.

The government has given over $300 million to Tajikistan since the year 2002, in border-related assistance for security.

Meanwhile, back in the States, the U.S. is currently facing a crisis of incredible proportion. A group of Republicans that are led by Tom Cotton, the Senator of Arkansas, released a letter demanding answers for Biden about the legitimacy of the refugees he’s bringing in from war-torn Afghanistan. Specifically, how did Biden go about verifying identities for these individuals before welcoming them with open arms into the United States?

One Republican Rep said that he had witnessed the lack of security measures in place when he visited an Army installation in the center of Wisconsin. It’s currently being used to hold thousands of refugees from Afghanistan.

The congressman was surprised to find that zero of the refugees he encountered held Special Immigrant Visas, a vetting process that usually takes around two years to complete.

The congressman then went on to explain that all of the refugees were on parole, which means that Homeland security can just wave them in, no questions asked.

What’s more, is that at the Southern border, there are hundreds of thousands of people pouring into the U.S. every month. Why is Biden willing to protect the borders of Tajikistan, but not our own?

Author: Jake Farmer