Biden Mocked On The World Stage For Weak Leadership

The Global Times, China’s state-run propaganda newspaper, recently mocked Democrat President Joe Biden for completely abandoning his earlier campaign promise to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming on Monday that there was “no federal solution” to the pandemic.

The communist newspaper asked whether “American politicians’ promises… mean anything at all?” The statement followed a lengthy dialogue on how Biden’s failures as a leader prove that American democracy is a “dubious” political system. The paper failed to conclude that China’s complete inability to contain the initial outbreak of their Wuhan manufactured virus, might reflect poorly on CCP dictator Xi Jinping or the Chinese Communist regime at large.

While running for president last year, Biden had promised to “shut down the virus,” and upon entering office, Biden instructed Americans that just 100 days of mask wearing would be sufficient to eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic under his plan. A promise that completely failed, and that continues to fail as the White House attempts to demand nationwide mask mandates.

On Monday, just before departing on a beach vacation, Biden told state governors that handling the pandemic was now in their laps as “no federal solution” exists for suppressing COVID-19. He added that the pandemic must be “solved at the state level” as the Omicron variant of the virus starts to dominate the United States.

A Communist Party-approved “expert” explained to the Times that people assumed anyone would do better at handling the pandemic than former president Donald Trump, but said that Biden had failed to make “remarkable moves at the federal level,” and criticized the U.S. for failing to remain “unified” in efforts to combat the pandemic.

The propaganda outlet also noted how it was Trump, not Biden, who led federal programs to develop vaccines against COVID-19, and that no medical developments have taken place under Biden’s leadership. The paper called Biden’s COVID response “retrogression.”

The Times concluded, as it always does, that Biden’s incompetence is some proof of the failure of America’s 250 year old Democratic Republic.

Open insults of this color would never have been flown under Trump’s presidency, they knew better than to insult the leader of the world’s most powerful military. But under Biden, with his international failings in Russia, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, the Chinese feel emboldened to take cheap shots at our nation.

Author: Clarence Reed