Biden Makes Desperate Bid For Power After Supreme Court Ends His Tyranny

Democrat President Joe Biden issued a statement last Thursday following the blocking of his vaccine-or-test mandate for businesses that have over 100 employees by the Supreme Court in which he pleaded with private employers to implement vaccine mandates of their own since the Federal government is unable to do so Constitutionally.

Biden said that he was “disappointed” with the Court’s decision “to block common-sense life-saving requirements… grounded squarely in both science and law.” He argued that his “emergency standard” was “a very modest burden” on employees and employers to ensure public safety and help get a grip on the nationwide pandemic.

Biden, acknowledging his utter defeat, plead that “States and individual employers… make their workplaces as safe as possible… by requiring employees to… [get] vaccinated.” Biden said that the Court’s ruling means that his administration has no authority on this matter anymore but that isn’t stopping him from using his position as the President to serve as a voice for vaccine and mask advocacy. Biden said: “I call on business leaders to immediately… institute vaccination requirements to protect their workers, customers, and communities.”

Critics of Biden’s overbearing vaccine mandate scored a massive victory in Court earlier on Thursday, with media establishment The Daily Wire leading the charge against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.

The court concluded to end Biden’s mandate with a decision of 6-3. They said that “OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing; Emergency Temporary Standard… is stayed pending disposition of the applicants’ petitions… in the United States Court of Appeals.

The Court’s decision is yet another major blow to Biden’s credibility as a Democrat leader, having failed to uphold his vaccine mandate, having failed to pass his Build Back Better spending plan, having failed to correct the supply chain crisis, having failed to address the U.S.-Mexico border crisis, and being recently defeated in the legislature regarding his would-have-been landmark takeover of all elections by the federal government.

With 2022 midterm elections quickly approaching and complete gridlock in the legislature as Biden fails to even garner the cooperation of his fellow Democrats, his remaining term in office is essentially mired and doomed to accomplish nothing unless he comes to accept compromise with Republican lawmakers on key national issues.

Author: Jeffrey Cook