Biden Makes a Deal With China We Can Never Come Back From

Top United States Officials just approved licenses for the Communist State of China’s Huawei to buy hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of chips for their auto component business, according to a report released from Reuters on Wednesday.

Huawei is the worlds biggest telecommunications equipment producer. Trump imposed trade restrictions during his presidency to keep them in check, and to prevent the sale of chips and other telecommunications components use for the smartphone businesses and network gear. Biden was originally reinforcing this ban, denying licenses for companies to sell chips and other equipment to Huawei to use with the new 5g devices.

However, in recent times, Biden has decided to change all that. Reports confirm that the U.S. is not granting these licenses and giving permission to suppliers to go ahead and sell these chips to Huawei so that they can produce video screens, sensor and vehicle components. Huawei has been making an effort to drive it’s business towards thing that are less likely to make it under the trade ban umbrella.

But not everyone is excited about this change. Tom Cotton, a Republican Senator, is deeply critical of this decision, saying that it’s completely unacceptable that Biden and his administration would support Chinese spy companies and ease the pressure against them.

Other critics says it will make it more difficult to enlist the help of foreign allies to ban Huawei products, and that this is a direct threat to our information infrastructure.

It’s been just over a year since the U.S government announced the new sanctions to block Huawei and the supply of semiconductors going to it, but once again, Biden is reversing some of Trump’s greatest policies.

Huawei is the #1 phone producer in China. Leaders in Beijing considers it to be a “national champion” and it is central in China’s plan to accomplish their “Made in China 2025” plot. What is “Made in China 2025?” It’s a plan that China has to completely dominate the high-tech manufacturing industry. In fact, the CEO of Huawei used to be a high-ranking officer of intelligence in China’s People’s Liberation army. This could be the biggest mistake of Biden’s Presidency, and that’s saying something

Author: Tegan Orwell