Biden Left Hundreds Behind, But Made Sure This Dangerous Criminal Got Home Safe

One of the men who arrived in America aboard the evacuation flights from Afghanistan was detained by law enforcement officials upon reaching U.S. soil once it was discovered that he had been deported in the past for being a convicted rapist.

While American citizens struggled to obtain seats on flights evacuating out of the Taliban controlled country, 47 year old Heydari made it safely out of the country and into the U.S. He was detained at Washington’s Dulles International Airport, the first point at which anyone noticed his immigration and criminal history.

Heydari is currently held as a prisoner at the Caroline Detention Facility of Bowling Green, VA. It’s not yet clear how he managed to get on the flight since it’s assumed to be unlikely that he possessed either a Special Immigrant Visa or had a legitimate claim as a refugee.

The only way he was able to slip through was using a parole exception. The secretary of homeland security can use parole to grant admission into America during instances of “exceptional humanitarian cases.” As it happens, most of the Afghans who made it to the U.S. were parolees, not individuals with proper immigration documents.

A top administration official explained that evacuees were supposed to be screened at transit hubs before entering the U.S., but suggested that Heydari either managed to slip through the cracks or his violent criminal history was deemed as not serious enough to block his entry. The extreme nature of the Afghanistan humanitarian crisis caused by Democrat President Biden’s failed foreign policy decisions was apparently tumultuous enough to let perverts like Heydari escape.

Heydari’s history as a refugee is somewhat long, his initial entry into the country is not known but he obtained a green card in 2000. Heydari was later caught and convicted on charge of rape, pleading guilty in Ada County, Idaho back in 2010. He spent 5 years in a state prison and was later released in 2015 on supervision. In 2016, an immigration judge demanded his deportation and he was removed from the country in 2017.

Heydari is just one of many Afghans to be flagged as a security threat as over 100,000 refugees are processed through foreign staging locations before their destination flight to the U.S.

Last week it was reported that nearly 100 Special Visa Immigration card holders were found to be security threats during screening, with one being connected to terrorist organizations.

That 100 is out of the first 7,000 screened, with many thousands yet to go. How many criminals and terrorists will Biden release into the country before the year is out?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempted some damage-control surrounding the incident, assuring that an “extensive process” of vetting was in place to prevent such people from reaching U.S. shores. But we can’t believe her lies, Heydari already made it.

Author: Nellie Carson