Biden Just Let China Get a Whole Lot Closer To Invading America

China is currently executing plans to create a military base within the Atlantic Ocean, giving the communist regime a tactical advantage by allowing them to place warships directly across from the U.S. East Coast.

The potential of a Chinese naval base located in Equatorial Guinea quickly caught the attention of the Pentagon and the White House. Jon Finer, the Principal Deputy U.S. national security adviser, visited the African nation in an effort to persuade its president, as well as his heir apparent son, to turn down China’s advances.

A senior Biden administration official explained to the media that the U.S. has made it clear to the nation of Equatorial Guinea that inviting the Chinese to build a base there raises national security concerns for America.

General Stephen Townsend, the commander for U.S. Africa Command, testified earlier this year before the Senate, claiming that the “most significant threat” imaginable would be a “militarily useful naval facility” on the coast of Africa for China’s use.

Townsend added that what he’s most concerned with is a naval base that is larger and more complex than a “gas and groceries” port. He expressed grave concern that the Chinese might attain the capability of having a port where they can repair naval warships and rearm them with munitions.

Reports indicate that China is considering base construction in the city of Bata, which already has a Chinese constructed deep-water commercial port in its gulf, and furthermore offers highways that link the port city to the interior of Africa.

U.S. Intelligence has been monitoring China’s military aspirations in the region since 2019, with a senior Pentagon official visiting the country under the former Trump administration about the potential issue. However, the visit by the official reportedly left the nation’s leadership uncertain about how serious the U.S. was about China’s threat.

Thus far, the Biden administration has sought to improve its relations with Equatorial Guinea in the hope that they can dissuade them from allowing a Chinese naval presence. In August, Biden offered the country aide following an accidental ammunition explosion that destroyed an army base and lethally injured at least 100 people. Near that time, an American Naval vessel offered officials and Guinean naval personnel to observe firefighting training.

Author: Josh Mills