Biden Just Can’t Stop His Creepy Whispering, Even When The Whole World Is Watching

Everyone knows that the President of The United States, Joe Biden, is “quirky.” But more and more often lately, he goes from quirky to downright creepy. There’s little that is more unsettling, hair-raising and cringy though, than what we will call the “Biden whisper.”

During his time at the Climate Change Conference put on by the United Nations in Glasgow, Scotland, President Biden got on stage and whispered while bragging about how great the economy is in the United States, and especially how well we are doing even though supply chain setbacks and COVID have things stalled.

Biden said that the proof of pudding is in the eating…. Yeah, creepy. He also said that he’s c completely confident we will get done what need to be done in America to deliver goods.

Then, right on cue, Biden leaned down and got uncomfortably close to the microphone and whispered that the economy in the United States is growing. He said that although there are problems because of COVID, as well as the supply chain itself, that America is leading the entire world as far as fastest-growing economies go.

Whether or not his claims are true, is an entirely different story. But one thing is absolutely sure – he embarrassed the United States on the world stage, yet again. Everyone has concerns, questions and comments about all the weird whispering that Biden did during his speech. What is going on with him? Is this just an outward expression of his mental decline?

Who knows? But he definitely sent everyone’s creep-meters sky high during his speech, and this isn’t the first time, either.

Just this past June, he started whispering for no reason about relief checks for COVID, a bill for the environment and something about employees that need to get paid more. Nobody could find any logical reason as to why the president would randomly begin whispering right in the middle of his speech.

And a little over a month later, he bent down and whispered something very strange about “mommy” into a small child’s ear. No one knows if these kinds of behaviors are new, but everyone knows that it’s downright creepy.

Author: Beth Goodman