Biden Issues Gag Order To Cover Up Huge Blunder

Biden is keeping a tight lid on the details of his mismanaged border crisis. Customs and Border Protection agents have reportedly been placed under a “gag order,” barring them from speaking to the press.

President Joe Biden’s weak border policies have caused a flood of illegal immigrants to pour into the southern United States in unprecedented numbers. Attempting to stem the flow of damaging information about his inept response, an unofficial order to border agents has been given to help the president save face.

NBC reported that Border Patrol officers were instructed to deny “ride-alongs” to the media, and report all queries for information to the Washington press office for approval. They also reported that agents are not allowed to share any information regarding the numbers of immigrants. Multiple requests from media sources seeking images of the infamous border processing facilities have been rejected.

Biden denies that his policies are the cause of the immigration swell, however, month after month, 2021 keeps breaking records for immigrant activity. And it all started the moment that Biden took office. Mexican President Andres M.L. Obrador even said publicly that “[Mexicans] see him as the migrant president.”

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