Biden Isn’t Operating On All Cylinders — And Now The Whole World Knows

Biden is doing his best to distract Americans from the Afghanistan disaster by heading down to Louisiana to survey the damage done by Hurricane Ida.

But, unfortunately for Biden, he can’t escape his problems that easily. Particularly the problem that every time he leaves the White House he shows everyone in America and all of our international allies and enemies how weak, frail and mentally inept he is.

Within the past week, he’s had trouble remembering the name of Afghanistan’s leader, confusing him with the Pakistan Army’s chief. It was such a massive blunder that the White House was hoping everyone simply wouldn’t notice. So what did they do? They edited the transcript so that no one could catch onto what he said.

Thankfully, Republican Watchdogs are always on the lookouts for those sorts of things. Anyway, with his long list of blunders, he’s obviously trying to avoid that happening again. And with the failing mental decline, the only thing he can do is resort to what he knows… cheat sheets.

Before his visit to Louisiana, Biden had a list of cheat sheets prepared for him. They included pictures of local officials that he was going to meet, and their names and titles. He got busted with these cheat sheets because the numb skull forgot to keep them in his pocket. They were sticking out for all the word to see.

The notes included pictures of the local Parish President and the Mayor of New Orleans, among others. Proving once again that Biden’s can’t do anything without the help of a cheat sheet. He isn’t even able to give a speech to the nation about Afghanistan if it’s after 5PM. It’s becoming increasingly more clear that Biden isn’t working on all four cylinders. The truth of the matter is that Biden should be enjoying the rest of his very small amount of time on this Earth in a retirement community, not leading the most powerful country in the world.

This isn’t the first time he was caught with them, either. It’s just a running trend with Biden at this point. And while it’s not a problem to use notes, it’s a problem when you are completely incapable of operating without notes. If Biden wasn’t able to use them, he’d just be starting off into space with no clue what to say or do.

Author: Jackie London