Biden Is Solely Responsible For The Enslavement Of Thousands Of Women

Taliban terrorists are apparently going from door-to-door, all around Afghanistan selecting young girls 12 yrs and older to be ‘sex slaves’ for the terrorist group’s jihadi fighters, according to News Corp Australia. Just a sidenote, this is eerily similar to Biden’s door-to-door vaccine campaign. Coincidence?

One source from inside the region says that these Taliban leaders are kidnapping and forcibly marrying women. They go door-to-door, coming up with lists of women and younger girls between the ages of 12 and 45 years old and force them to marry Taliban fighters.

The commanders of the Taliban have captured some of the capitals in the province and are ordering that the local Islamic leaders bring them the lists of women form 12-45 that aren’t marry. They then force them to marry their soldiers because they think of them as ‘quanimat’ which mean ‘spoils of war.’

They also intend to ‘divide’ the children among the group, because as Jihadists, they consider these captives to be a ‘prize’ that they’ve one.

They justify this behavior by interpreting the laws of Islam to mean that women are just ‘kaniz’ which mean ‘commodities, according to Omar Sadr, who is a professor as America’s University of Afghanistan.

The Taliban took over large areas of Afghanistan within weeks after the United States and NATO-allied forces left the country and ended a 20-year military operation that was based outside of Kabul.

The United States launched the Afghan War in the fall of 2001. Since pulling out of Afghanistan, the Taliban quickly regained over 85% of the country, after almost all troops were removed. In just the last week they’ve taken three provinces in the north, all of which they did in a single day starting August 8th.

They’ve now reimposed Islamic law, or sharia cross almost all of the places that they’ve conquered in recent times. Women aren’t allowed into town unless they are completely veiled, and all taxi drivers have been ordered to enforce this law.

Women are being murdered based on their clothing. Haji Hekmat, a local Taliban leader says that the Taliban is not responsible for any of this. He says that the women are wearing the burqa voluntarily and covering their hair and face without being forced. He says the Taliban is just ‘preaching’ that women should dress this way but not forcing it.

He does, however, admit that any sex before marriage will not be tolerated. And if a woman or man is caught having sex before marriage, they will be subject to 100 lashes in public.

And if someone has an affair they will be stoned to death. If they steal, their hand shall be cut off.

Author: Jared Lambert