Biden Is So Delusional, He Thinks He Can Cure Cancer

Who knew that the long-awaited cure for cancer would come just from Democrats taking power and Biden sitting on his throne as President of the United States. Okay, that’s definitely not happening. But Biden says he has a plan to halve the age-adjusted death rate from cancer over the upcoming 25 years, as well as to improve the lives of cancer patients, survivors, and the families of these individuals through a rebooted cancer moonshot project by the White House, which Biden himself launched when he was in his vice president position.

Joe Biden and wife Jill Biden are expected to make an announcement about a goal to encourage citizens to get cancer screenings, especially those who have missed them due to the ongoing pandemic. This announcement is expected to come on Wednesday.

Biden’s newest cancer moonshot will discuss the prevention, detection, and treatment, as well as inequities in access to services and delivery. The White House is also planning to form a cancer Cabinet and to host a summit as well as roundtable conversations as President Biden reestablishes his leadership in the area.

A senior official in Biden’s administration denies that Biden is abandoning his promise from his campaign to cure cancer.

“I don’t think they said we’re going to cure all cancer all at once. But you cure cancer by curing them one at a time, a patient at the time, 100 patients at a time. No walking back but using words carefully and precisely so that we can hold ourselves accountable.” The official said.

The official also said that there’s another link between cancer and the pandemic, and that is the possibility of using the scientific advances of COVID and applying them to cancer. Some are thinking that mRNA vaccines might be able to attack and kill cancer cells.

There’s about $400 million remaining in the budget for cancer research from back in 2016 when congress authorized $1.8 billion in funding. The Biden official said there will be plenty of funding moving forward to accomplish their goals.

Biden himself lost his oldest son, Beau, to an aggressive form of brain cancer back in 2015 when Beau was only 46 years old.

Author: Oliver Crandall