Biden Instantly Becomes International Laughingstock

President Joe Biden made demands of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, instructing him to “de-escalate” the war between Israel and Hamas terrorists while the Iranian backed group continues to carry out attacks on innocent civilians.

On Wednesday, the two leaders spoke about the state of play in Gaza, Israel’s progress toward ending military capabilities of Hamas, and other diplomatic issues. Biden expressed that he expected to see significant escalation that day as Israel works toward a ceasefire.

Biden has called for reducing tensions from both parties, something which predictably, Hamas and PIJ terrorists ignored, as well as terrorists from Lebanon who are now joining the thrall.

Netanyahu released the following statement after the call with Biden.

Biden started making demands for a ceasefire just 24 hours following a heated exchange with Democrat “squad” member Rashida Tlaib, who openly supports the Hamas terrorist organization. She confronted the President about the U.S. lending support to Israel in the conflict.

Ultimately, nobody truthfully respects Biden on the international scene. Terrorists determined to eradicate Israel from the planet have no intentions of stopping, and Netanyahu declared that the nation is “determined” to pursue defensive operations until the threat has been pushed back.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spells out the situation in clear terms, this struggle is existential from Israel’s point of view.

Author: Gail Richardson

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