Biden Inches Closer To Launching Full-Scale Invasion Against Putin

Due to Joe Biden’s declining mental state, it’s safe to say he is unaware of the goings-on in the world today — especially the continual military conflict currently underway in Ukraine.

Each and every attempt by Biden to assert strength or moral authority over Vladimir Putin’s decision to use Russia’s military to prevent NATO encroachment into the East comes off as if he just finished memorizing a series of bullet points written by this-or-that staffer who is likely well versed in Deep State rhetoric.

Biden caught some heat recently for using inflammatory pro-war rhetoric against the Russian President, even referring to Putin as a “butcher” and “war criminal” — two charges he’s willing to double down on even if it means sending U.S. troops into Ukraine.

On Monday, the American “president” claimed he now supports a war crime trial against Putin after pro-Ukraine propaganda emerged showing images of civilian casualties from Bucha, a city outside Kiev.

**Side note: We will NOT be spelling Kiev as “Kyiv”. This is a subtle linguistic tool used by liberals to subvert reality and obfuscate the truth. If spelling and definitions are actively changing, no one will know the insidiousness of what’s really happening beyond what propagandists are telling us. Another example would be the destruction of ‘woman’ — a word Democrats refuse to define as they are in the process of removing gender altogether.

Meanwhile, Biden told a group of reporters on Monday that he fully supports a war crime trial against Putin. The cognitively deficient president said, “We have to gather all the details so this can be an actual … war crime trial. This guy is brutal. What’s happening in Bucha is outrageous, and everyone’s seen it,” 

Biden also defended himself from the criticism he received for denouncing Putin as a war criminal before his State Department had made the legal determination.

The United States was additionally “seeking” to levy more sanctions against Russia and its allies, according to Biden. But he declined to provide more details about the coming measures, other than recommitting to sending more military aid to Ukraine.

What we’ve seen in Bucha is precisely what establishment media propagandists want us to see; none of us have actually been to Ukraine, including Joe Biden. By constantly publishing the most horrific images of slaughtered women and children, the war machine can prime the American public into supporting yet another overseas military conflict in which corporate governments can battle it out while the average citizen suffers — not to mention the loss of American lives.

Don’t fall for it.

author: Sebastian Hayworth