Biden Humiliated As Private Citizens Step In To Do What He Can’t

Alarming new reports confirm that Taliban militants aren’t allowing Westerners to make way to the Kabul airport at all. They’ve expanded the airport blockade, even though they promised coalition forces that they would allow foreigners to access and flights and safely evacuate.

At this point private flights, airplanes and citizens are organizing fleets that can bypass team Biden’s pullout, but they are also facing increasing amounts of obstacles. Chartered planes that were sent out to Kabul specifically to rescue the Americans and Afghan allies are coming home with empty seats by the hundreds.

The Taliban issued a statement on Tuesday saying that foreigners would be the only ones allowed to make their way to the airport and evacuate. One of the Taliban spokespersons put out an order demanding that local Afghanis return to their homes. And said that all city roads are blocked to prevent any more Afghans from escaping the war-torn country.

The blockades that have been put up by the Taliban aren’t just catching Afghans though, they are catching American citizens and putting a total stop to evacuation efforts. Evacuation coordination groups are redirecting people as fast as they can, but things are increasingly grim.

The Taliban also set up checkpoints on the road that leads to Pakistan, and leaving the country, or trying to leave the country grows increasingly riskier.

There is likely on a few days left to get people out of Afghanistan, because U.S. troops who are securing the Kabul airport need time to leave for themselves. In fact, may have started to leave already.

And now the airport is more guarded than ever. The Taliban has implemented multiple blockades around the airport to keep Afghans from evacuating.

Everywhere around America, people are turning on the President of the United States, as he fails to provide leadership or take action to save the lives of Americans and our allies. As the deadline for total troop withdrawal approaches, many recognize that there’s just not enough time. The fact that private citizens are stepping up and stepping in for Biden is a complete and total disgrace for America and all she stands for. Why should the duty fall upon private citizens when the government has billions and trillions to accomplish this evacuation? Especially when this withdrawal was botched in the first place.

Although there have been over 4000 Americans rescued, there are still thousands left, and tens of thousands of America’s Afghan allies. Biden needs to either step up or step out if he isn’t up for the task of rescuing those in need.

Author: Cody Reese