Biden Hands Off Presidential Duties To Blubbering Failure Kamala Harris

Lord have mercy on all of our souls.

If Kamala Harris is truly the U.S. point person tasked with cleaning up the mess made in Ukraine, then we are in for serious trouble.

Earlier this week, Kamala Harris headed off to Europe to meet with our allies to discuss a possible solution to the growing crisis in Ukraine.

On Thursday the Vice President met with Polish President Andrzej Sebastian Dua and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki as well as some Ukrainian refugees who to Poland to escape Putin’s military aggression. She’s slated to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Warsaw as well.

On Friday Kamala will fly to Bucharest, Romania to meet with President Klaus Iohannis. Romania has become a hot bed for Ukrainian refugees.

The decision to send Kamala overseas to handle an ongoing military crisis is historically unprecedented and equally asinine given her past failed experience cleaning up foreign messes. Presidents typically meet with other presidents, vice presidents with vice presidents, etc, so it was markedly an odd move for Biden to pass his presidential duties on to Kamala.

According to his schedule, Biden is at the White House meeting with business leaders to discuss the dangerous levels on inflation currently affecting the American people. He’s also slated to give a speech in Washington D.C. at a historically black university. Some say these tasks are better left for a Vice President, but the Biden administration doesn’t have much luck at tackling issues both domestic or foreign, so who really knows…

However, this is not the first time Biden has handed off his presidential duties to his subordinate.

In mid-February, as Russian President Vladimir Putin was moving troops into place for an invasion, Biden dispatched Harris to Europe.

As Harris was still flying to Germany to deliver a message from the U.S. in, Biden headed to Lorain, Ohio, to talk about his infrastructure plan.

In Europe, Harris met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz as well as other Baltic leaders, a job usually filled by the U.S. president.

The move was so unusual even the mainstream media took notice.

It was also apparently unsuccessful as Putin proceeded to invade Ukraine merely days after Harris’ European visit.

Go figure…

Author: Elizabeth Tierney