Biden Hand-Picks Another Radical For His Agenda, See Who…

Apparently, the word “moderate” is nowhere in Biden’s dictionary, although the antonym of moderate would certainly be applicable. Thus far, he has accumulated an impressive roster, from stringently anti-2nd amendment Merrick Garland to his latest and greatest choice for the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Biden’s proposed pick, Xavier Becerra, has received significant resistance from over 100 different conservatives who find him far too extremist to hold the position that Biden envisions for him.

Which is precisely why the Conservative Action Project has drafted a letter that outlines the concerns of several dozen citizens, and, with any luck, it will be received by Republicans in Congress on Monday. An excerpt of the memo can be found below:

“Conservatives oppose the confirmation of Xavier Becerra to lead the Department of Health and Human Services … no federal agency has more influence over policies relating to the sanctity of life, human dignity, and religious liberty than HHS …

Becerra has a troubling record on all of these fronts … He is an extremist nominee who will carry the agendas of liberal dark money groups to his administration post if confirmed.” [Source: Fox News]

Great. So, in other words, Biden has chosen an extremist to head up HHS, one who has demonstrated actions in the past that run contrary to religious liberty, human dignity, which are important considerations that one should take into account when it comes to choosing someone to be the head of HSS.

What exactly has Becerra done, as alleged by the memo? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. Starting with support of extreme abortion.

Specifically, Becerra voted affirmatively on virtually all forms of abortion, including a vote “against a ban on partial-birth abortion, against making it a crime to hurt an unborn child during the perpetration of another crime, and against efforts to bar minors from being driven across state lines for an abortion without parental consent.”

On top of that, Becerra has long been in support of taypayer funds being diverted into abortions.

Apparently, it just gets better and better with Becerra, who likely receives massive influxes of cash from entities such as Planned Parenthood, all for him to continue spouting off his supposed medical “knowledge.”

And, as it turns out, Becerra, the former State AG for California, already is tied into Planned Parenthood, which the memo also claims about Becerra.

“As Attorney General of California, he was accused multiple times of using his office to tip the scales in favor of Planned Parenthood and other political allies … In 2020, the state district attorneys faulted him for failing to do more to stop a massive fraud in California’s unemployment benefits.” [Source: Fox News]

Great. Mass abortions and mass fraud.

So this is Biden’s top choice for the head of HHS? Something seems to suggest that Becerra shares different views regarding “health and human services,” especially in contrast to several Americans’ real beliefs and values.

Which is precisely why the memo hammered Becerra, especially in its closing lines.

“Becerra has shown neither the judgment, character, or respect for human life necessary to lead the agency with such influence over the foundational rights of all Americans … Under his watch, we believe HHS – an agency that should protect human life, dignity, and enshrine the values of religious liberty – would be weaponized toward partisan and destructive ends …

For all these reasons, we urge the Senate to firmly reject his confirmation.” [Source: Fox News]

One can only hope that Becerra may not receive such a position in the Biden administration, though several other questionable individuals are already surrounding Biden. In a strange sense, one almost wonders how much more insanity can Biden surround himself with over the next four years.

Stay tuned for the latest developments in the Biden admin …

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