Biden Hammered With Lawsuits, But This One Might Top Them All

Biden thought he could just get away with forcing the American people into a communist-like mandate that completely strips them of their freedoms, but he was wrong. The state of Arizona is suing Biden and his administration over the new vaccine mandates that target federal employees and businesses that are private who have 100 or more employees. It’s the first of many lawsuits in response to Biden’s federal overreach.

Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General, says the government can’t force citizens to get any vaccine. That Biden and his administration are pushing their radical agenda and bypassing laws set in place to protect the people.

Republicans around the nation have exploded over Biden’s mandate, saying that it’s ‘absolutely unconstitutional.’

The measures were announced last week, and require that all federal workers be vaccinated, or businesses with 100 employees or more, or they can force employees to take a weekly COVID test, as part of a target plan of action against the virus.

Biden said that he’s been patient with everyone, but his patience is reported ‘wearing thin’ and that refusal to get the vaccine has cost many people their lives. Biden says that the vaccine mandate has nothing to do with freedoms or taking away personal choices but that it’s about protecting those that are around each individual.

The mandate will likely affect around 100 million American or more in a wide variety of jobs including health care and many other private sector businesses. Republican claim the move is totally unconstitutional and that it’s an act of blatant coercion by the federal government that must be challenged and resisted.

The lawsuit coming out of Arizona contrasts and compares the mandate to the number of illegal immigrants that are entering the country, and points out the obvious hypocrisy that they aren’t part of the new federal mandate.

The lawsuit says that Biden is favoring immigrants over citizens in America, which is in direct violation with the equal protection clause.

Arizona is just the first of many, though. As many other states have already said that they intend to sue Biden and his administration as soon as they can file.

Author: Lisa Stewart