Biden Gets Major Blowback For “Crack Pipe Distribution” Scheme

You may have heard yesterday that Biden and his administration are planning on using funding from taxpayers connected with the American Rescue Plan to provide crack pipe handouts to underserved areas, all in the name of Biden’s “equity” agenda.

The scheme is, of course, utter nonsense, especially given the pandemic of overdose deaths that are taking the lives of countless Americans in the United States. This problem is even more compounded by Biden’s open border and crime policies that rarely punish offenders.

While there has been much blowback associated with the plan, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) stood out among the rest in the voices of reason. He offered some “thoughts” about the absurd program and what Biden so lovingly refers to as potential “safe injection sites” for people to use drugs.

Kennedy says that reality makes a phone call to Biden and his administration on the daily, but he just hangs up.

He went on, “I don’t think when moms and dads lay down in America and can’t sleep, they’re worried about clean injection sites and sterile crack pipes. The issue Mr. President is crime — the issue Mr. President is how to stop it, not how to encourage it.”

Kennedy went on to attack ‘wokeism’ as one of the root causes of the increasing crime rates in American society. He says that Democrats think of criminals as victims, instead of what they are.

Kennedy then continued, “Unless you have the IQ of a garden pest, you know you cannot order a civilized society based on that worldview, and that’s the problem that we have.”

He then went on, “You want to hit the addiction problem in America a hard lick? Seal the border. Right now, President Biden’s policy is this: If you are a Nigerian doctor or a German machinist who wants to come to America you have to be vetted for years, but if you’re some gang-banger drug dealer who just hops the fence at the border you’re welcome and we’ll fly you anywhere you want in America.”

Kennedy then referred to Biden’s immigration policies as “bone-deep, down to the marrow stupid.”

Kennedy says there are better ways to deal with these issues, and Biden is totally missing the mark.

Author: George Haslem