Biden Gets Hit With Double-Whammy Of Failures – He Can’t Come Back From This

It’s a bad day for Democrats and the Biden administration today as the United States Senate came forward with a double whammy of bad news for them. The first being that Democrats failed in their attempts to involved and take over elections at the federal level and the second being that Chuck Schumer’s ‘nuclear option’ to destroy the filibuster to try and force their power-grab through because of the razor-thin majority they have in the house also failed.

Kamala Harris presided over the vote of the first, this being another defeat in the long line of defeats she’s had since stepping foot in the office. She’s spent a lot of time announcing failures this first year in office, and this is unlikely to be the last. This is likely a stinger for the failed VP though, as Biden gave her the task of reforming U.S. elections, and she’s once again failing to deliver on those promises.

In the vote on the first, to destroy the filibuster, Democrats didn’t come anywhere close to the 60 votes they needed. The votes came in at 40 to 51.

Then, ever-cocky Schumer tried to use his ‘nuclear option’ which would change the rules and allow Democrats to move forward with their takeover of the election with only a simple majority. But that also failed- and was followed by a round of applause from some senators, as Schumer failed to reach the threshold of a 51-vote which would be necessary for the rules to be amended. Manchin and Sinema sided with Republicans on the issue and foiled Schumer’s plot to use the nuclear option, which has now killed Democrats’ latest attempt to take over elections at the federal level.

Mitch McConnell said that this is a major relief for everyone in America to have this sort of radicalism stopped in its tracks. He also said this is one of the most important days in Senate history.

This was a predictable outcome for many people though, as Senator Manchin had already taken to the floor of the Senate to defend the filibuster. He says that destroying the filibuster would cause the senate to become a body with no rules. He couldn’t be more correct on that front.

Author: Paula Traps