Biden Fires All Trump-Appointed White Males

President Joe Biden has gone ‘full woke’ with what is currently being understood as a “purge” of every one of Trump’s appointees on the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts. On Tuesday, the president announced that he will be appointing four new members of color to the office, an agency which oversees the architecture and design of Washington D.C. federal buildings.

The current chair of the commission explained that three other commissioners and himself were sent notice by mail to offer resignation or be fired by “6:00 pm tonight.”

Commission chair Justin Shubow, who was appointed by Trump in 2018, told NPR that this action is entirely unprecedented, as no commissioner has ever been deposed in the agency’s 110-year history.

Shubow said in an official statement that he felt “shocked and dismayed” when he learned of the fate of himself and his fellow commissioners. He called the executive action by Biden “a terrible precedent.”

What common feature might these four ex-commissioners share? They are all white males.

Bloomberg reported in December that the Commission of Fine Arts assembled by Trump was the first all-male commission since 1963.

The second thing these commissioners had in common was they helped Trump craft an executive order which promotes neoclassical architecture as the style for federal buildings in D.C. and for new federal courthouses.

Bloomberg reported that this style decision was “controversial” for Democrats because the out of touch Trump appointees were promoting “yesteryear’s European art forms.”

National Organization of Minority Architects’ former president R. Steven Lewis said that Black architects needed to be included in the decision making process or else they might “be written out of history.” He said that an all-white commission would leave “no account of our lens” in regards to Black perspective on “society and the world.”

Mindbogglingly however, Biden’s new appointees include a white man and woman, a black man, and an Asian woman. So half of his new appointments are white anyways.

However, these white people must be appropriately ‘woke’ enough to work in the position, as the Left continues its crusade against all things Trump, all things white, and all things male.

Author: Franklin Mathis

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