Biden Falls Asleep While Discussing America’s ‘Greatest Threat’

78 year old Democrat President Joe Biden, the same who warned earlier this summer in front of military service members that the Pentagon itself considers climate change to be the truly “greatest threat” to American national security in the forthcoming years, folded his arms and drifted off to sleep as caught on video by the Washington Post, during opening speeches at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Zach Purser Brown of the Post noted that America’s president appeared “to fall asleep” at the opening speeches of the COP26 conference. Purser Brown added his comments to a video which clearly shows Biden shutting his eyes for extended periods until an aide woke him up with a message. Biden then wipes his eyes clear. The video went viral online, with millions mocking the president for napping during a conference on America’s so called “greatest threat.”

Aptly, former President Donald Trump has long called his political adversary “Sleepy Joe,” and the Monday video will surely cement that nickname for a long time to come. Hilariously, many conservatives made note that falling asleep during a conference on the climate is the most relatable thing Biden has done as president.

Biden’s nap followed another embarrassing incident for which he endured mockery. Following the G-20 summit in Rome, Italy, the president apparently called upon a pre-screened list of approved reporters to meet and respond to. Biden said that he was instructed to first speak with a reporter from the Associated Press.

The theory that Biden is only permitted to respond to pre-approved questions from screened reporters was raised back in June during his Geneva meeting with Russian President Vladmir Putin, at which Biden openly declared that “as usual… they gave me a list of… people I’m going to call on.”

Biden’s apparent inability to field questions from reporters in real-time has raised concerns about whether or not Biden is truly in charge.

Author: Larry Barnes