Biden Faces ‘The Gates Of Hell’ After Molesting The Rights Of Americans

When Biden made his announcement that vaccine mandates would be implemented nationwide, he probably didn’t expect the insane amount of pushback that he’d receive, but GOP leaders across the nation are standing up for the rights of their people.

Here’s some responses from governors around the nation.

Mississippi’s Tate Reeves: “Biden doesn’t have the authority to require Americans to inject themselves if they are employed at a private business. The vaccine is life-saving and good, but this unconstitutional move by President Biden is terrifying. This is America, and we will hold fast to our beliefs in regards to freedom from tyrants.”

Georgia’s Brian Kemp: “I will find every option available legally in Georgia to put a stop to this blatant overreach by Biden and his administration.”

South Dakota’s Kristi Noem: “My team of legal expertise is standing by and is ready to file suit the second Biden file his new rule that contradicts the constitution. This federal intrusion is not going to stand.”

South Carolina’s Henry McMaster: “Biden and radical Democrats have turned the American Dream into a nightmare. The war against capitalism and the constitution will not stand. We will fight Biden and his team to the very gate of hell if pursuit of the livelihood and liberty of every person in South Carolina.”

Arizona’s Doug Ducey: “This is what we’ve been working tirelessly to prevent her in Arizona. Now the administration is going after private business and the freedoms of individuals in a very dangerous way. We will take this to court. This dictatorial move is wrong, goes directly against America’s values and will cause more harm than any good that it accomplishes. Workers displaced, kids out of classrooms, businesses fined, all under Biden. Vaccination is a choice and we will and must push back.”

Arkansas’ Asa Hutchinson: “I am in full support of vaccination efforts across this nation, but the federal mandates are wrong. I have always believed in the rights and freedom of private businesses when it comes to employee vaccination. The private sector should be protected from overreach by the federal government that requires vaccines.”

These are just a few of the brave governors that are standing up to Biden and his tyranny. Will you be among them?

Author: Lucy Lockwood