Biden Deploys Tom Hanks To Help Brainwash America Into Loving Him

This is just another example of how celebrities are the face of the left and will defend it to the end. Top actor and Hollywood Elitist, Tom Hanks, is going to act as the narrator in a video that’s being produced by Biden’s Inaugural Committee to talk about what a wonderful job he’s done during his first year in office. The video will commiserate the first anniversary since Biden stepped foot in the oval office, and try to brainwash everyone into believing that America is better than ever. This anniversary is a reminder of the day that more than half the country regrets, but sure, let’s pretend it’s something to celebrate.

The video will be all over the airwaves morning, noon and night, with a video that is promoting the recovery and resiliency of America, according to Axios, who reported on the video. The committee, which was already nominated for an Emmy, is spending millions of dollars in funds that are leftover from the inauguration to broadcast the ad on cable. The PIC will then spend millions more over the next week or so to spread the video and amplify it on other digital platforms.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee says they feel that it’s important to celebrate Biden-Harris’ first year in office, and to celebrate all the perseverance and strength of the American people in overcoming adversity, just like they supposedly did one year ago. The video also supposedly highlights the progress that’s been made in America over the last year while Biden and Harris have been in office.

Tom Hanks actually hosted the Biden-Kamala TV Special for Inauguration Day.

Hanks was also a big part of Obama’s Presidency, joining him on a trip he took to French Polynesia. They also attended parties with the Obama’s. Needless to say, Hanks and his wife, Rita, have been a big part of Democrat politics and show no sign of slowing down. This is an obvious play by Hollywood to try and brainwash everyone in America into believing that everything is okay and going well under Biden’s rule. This could not be further from the truth, and we will not be fooled.

Author: Jason Chavez