Biden Crosses The Line — Makes Vaccine Mandates a Reality

President Joe Biden announced from the White House on Thursday afternoon that all federal government employees will be subject to COVID-19 testing and mask mandates. He himself wore a mask before speaking at the lectern when he made the announcement.

The White House released a fact sheet just before the announcement that explained the new federal policies in detail. It instructs that federal employees and contractors working for the federal government must declare their vaccination status, and if they are not vaccinated, must wear a mask at all times when at work. Additionally, these employees / contractors will be required to distance themselves from others and undergo screening as often as twice a week; travel restrictions will also be placed against unvaccinated individuals.

The fact sheet mentions that over 4 million Americans are currently employed by the federal government, and claims that the new policy shouldn’t be limited to federal workers and onsite contractors, but should be extended to all federal contractors.

It also adds that the Biden administration will be pressing the private sector to follow their “strong model” for coronavirus safety.

The military faces greater authoritarian overreach, as Biden is instructing the Department of Defense to mandate vaccines for U.S. military personnel.

The White House released a statement that said that President Biden is adding the coronavirus vaccine “to the list of required vaccinations” that members of the military must take.

Falling back to the normal Democrat method of handout-style appeasement, Biden has posted a $100 reward for individuals who get vaccinated.

The White House statement explains that Biden has authorized the $100 financial incentive to be paid out of American Rescue Plan funds, and is to be made available to “every state, territory, and local government.”

Despite the hard push from the top to get needles in arms, many unions are gathering their power to oppose vaccine mandates.

The American Postal Workers Union, representing over 220,000 employees declared that the federal government is overstepping its bounds by attempting vaccine mandates, and rejects the Biden administrations attempt to make vaccination “a condition of employment.” The APWU added that the federal government will have to negotiate new COVID-19 policies with them, both regarding vaccination and testing. The letter ends by stating that the APWU is opposed to mandated vaccines for their represented workers.

Author: Matthew Hanson