Biden Creates ‘Vaccine Police Force’ — It Doesn’t Go Over Well

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki caused alarm bells to sound during Tuesday’s press conference, announcing a shocking new plan by the Biden administration to get more Americans to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Psaki, outlining methods that the administration plans to focus on, explained that one of the plans they are going to employ in order to increase vaccination percentages is to use a “door to door” strategy in an effort to “get remaining Americans vaccinated.”

Psaki explained that the federal government would be performing the “door-to-door outreach” in a way that is “targeted by community,” She stressed that the purpose of the federal effort is to sell Americans on “how both safe and accessible” vaccines are.

The “door-to-door” operation quickly concerned people on a number of levels. Will the government really be sending out operatives to your doorstep in order to harass you into getting a vaccine? It sounds eerily like the beginnings of vaccine police.

How does the government know who and who is not vaccinated in the first place? Are they really using broad demographic information about your neighborhood? Or do they already have a list of those who aren’t vaccinated? Will the government force individuals to reveal their vaccination status?

It’s been reported that primary care doctors are already aware of their patients’ vaccination status despite those individuals not supplying the medical facility with that information. Clearly the list of those vaccinated is being kept in some database that’s accessible by PCPs.

At this point, those who wanted to get the vaccine are likely to have already gotten it, and those who prefer not to aren’t about to have their minds changed. The tactic of the government is to start by antagonizing the unvaccinated American population before potentially enforcing vaccines through a special police force.

Author: Adrienne Richards